Switzer R911S, un super-997 GT2

Se pare ca 2011 i-a incantat atat de mult pe cei de la incat au pus la punct o varianta mai rapida,  menita sa lase in urma oricare din cele de exemplare de 2 care vor fi lansate pe piata. Switzer R911S vine un upgrade al pachetului “” prin care masina are la dispozitie 911cp pentru a face ceea ce ziceam mai sus.

Racirea este asigurata prin niste intercoolere imense, stabilitatea printr-o suspensie JRZ iar franele au ramas neschimbate. Totusi cine vrea mai mult poate opta pentru varianta R911S Carbon, la care au colaborat cu cei de la Seibon pentru panouri laterale din fibra de carbon. Pentru aceasta varianta trebuie sa se plateasca 240.000$ iar cei care se pot lipsi de carbon ies cu 40.000$ mai ieftin. Detalii complete sub galeria foto.

Oberlin, OH – 13MAY2010 – Porsche’s 2011 GT2 RS is the fastest roadgoing car in the company’s history, but it’s not quite fast enough to suit Tym Switzer’s demanding clients. Tym’s company, Ohio-based tuning firm Switzer Performance, announced their new Switzer GT2 R911S this morning – a super-997 GT2 with over nine hundred horsepower and racetrack-oriented revisions to ensure that even the mighty GT2 RS will disappear in its rearview mirrors.

The Switzer GT2 R911S takes the firm’s well-proven P800 GT2 package and pushes it further. Using race fuel, the R911 delivers well over eight hundred horsepower at the rear wheels, equating to roughly 50% more power than Porsche’s GT2 RS, with Switzer’s MONSTER intercoolers ensuring consistent engine performance lap after lap.

With a (conservative) 911 hp on tap, virtually nothing in the world can pass Switzer’s R911S GT2 in a straight line. To maintain that advantage in the corners, Switzer’s R911S features a Switzer-specific titanium inverted-front-strut, remote-reservoir suspension engineered by the track experts at JRZ. This isn’t “racing-style” suspension; the hardware is a true JRZ racing setup that has been torture-tested in the Patron Cup and Grand-Am Rolex GT series – barely tamed for the street with a few easy knob-twists. Each one of Switzer’s R911S cars will be feature hand-selected spring and damping rates, specifically catering to each client’s track experience and level of aggression.

Switzer’s R911S already offers a power-to-weight ratio which simply eviscerates Porsche’s newest factory flagship – but for the customer who has to cut every last ounce of extra mass from the car, Switzer offers the R911S Carbon – an exclusive suite of lightweight carbon-fiber body panels that sheds weight from the R911S and lowers the car’s center of gravity for maximum performance in advanced-level trackday and time-attack sessions. Developed by the low-mass experts at Seibon, the carbon panels are the final nail in the coffin for Porsche’s factory GT2 RS.

While RS customers are lining up to beg their local dealer for a spot in line, Switzer Performance can offer the silver GT2 R911S pictured here for immediate delivery. Pricing for the standard vehicle starts at $199,900, while the R911S Carbon is priced at $239,900, contact Switzer Performance for more.

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