Insomnia 10 Years Anniversary

Fara sa ne dam seama cum a trecut timpul, iata cum Insomnia Racing Club implineste 10 ani de activitate, moment care nu poate fi sarbatorit decat asa cum ne-au obisnuit cu fiecare ocazie: cu un party dement! Numai ca de data asta se promite o petrecere cat toate celelalte la un loc pentru ca, deh, sa fii Insomniac de un deceniu nu-i de ici de colo, iar momentul trebuie sa ramana in memoriile noastre mult timp.

Palatul Ghika este locatia care gazduieste petrecerea, iar parcarea palatului va fi transformata pe perioada evenimentului intr-un tuning show privat, cu masinile membrilor. Cu ajutorul baietilor de la Wise Trumpets a 10-a petrecere Insomnia va contine multe suprize iar in timpul petrecerii vom avea ocazia sa vedem filmari care nu au fost publicate pana acum nicaieri, cu diferite momente sau evenimente deosebite, mai mult sau mai putin legale :)  Pentru ca pana la urma este ziua fiecarui membru in parte, toti insomniacii si-au invitat prietenii, familia, catelul, purcelul dar si pe toti care fac parte sau urmaresc de atatia ani cum se misca motorsport-ul romanesc.

Asadar Vineri, 7 Martie, la Palatul Ghika ii sarbatorim pe toti Insomniacii si pe toti prietenii lor pana dimineata! Ca de obicei, daca ai citit asta, esti invitat, deci ne vedem acolo!

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10 years of friendship! 10 years of obsessions! 10 years of amazing memories!

That’s right! Insomnia Racing Club is going to bring you Back to your Roots!
Friday, March 7th 2014, at “Palatul Ghika” marks the date and location for that day in the year we all get together to celebrate … ourselves! That’s right boys and girls, it’s your Birthday too! So, Happy Birthday!!!

A full Decade! Wow, its been 10 years since our common passion brought us all together! Insomnia is bringing to you a full decade of memories that will stick with you for your whole life and another party that you’ll probably forget the next morning! Thank God for Facebook and selfies, right?

So when was the last time you had a 10th year birthday celebration? Close your eyes and try to remember. You probably had some cake with white frosting, some cookies, played with your toy cars with close friends and family, right? Well, that was a long time ago and 10th year birthday parties just got a lot crazier! We swiped out the cake with bottles and the cookies with shots! The only similarity is that your toy cars have become real obsessions, the white icing on the cake has become the snow we drift on during the winter and your close friends and family will still be here.

It’s been 10 years (a full decade!) since our passion brought us fanatics together with the help of Insomnia Party. It’s not every year you get to celebrate a full decade, so let’s make this a GRAND time and lets remember the most important part … LET’S MAKE THIS EPIC!!!
Bring your wife, bring your closest friends, bring anyone you want, it’s a celebration!!!

So, postpone all other activities and remember…. Friday, March 7th 2014, 22:00, @Palatul Ghika we’ll party like we did 10 years ago!!! (Special surprises included ;))
Tickets & Reservation:

For table reservations and available table packages please contact us at :
0734.759.797 – Steve
0756 068 936 – Andrei

Ladies, you will be celebrated as well!
Congratulations everyone, we’ve made it this far!
Event powered by Wise Trumpets



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