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Revozport VW Golf VI GTi Razor

Articol publicat in data de 12 April 2010 – 3,861 vizite
Revozport VW Golf VI GTi Razor

Dupa 6 luni de proiectare, tunerul iese pe piata cu un bodykit pentru ultimul care aduce un plus de agresivitate exteriorului acestei masini, agresivitate care se pare ca s-a pierdut de la generatiile precedente. Ce-i drept GTI-ul stock poate trece neobservat pe strada destul de usor daca nu esti atent la anumite detalii, asa ca merita din plin un upgrade optic.

Revozport vine cu o oferta interesanta (pe masura numelui) si imparte bodykit-ul in 3 stagii, lucru cu care eram obisnuiti doar la modificarile de performanta, astfel:

  • Stage I: bara fata cu LED-uri si splitter reglabil, bara spate + diffuser si din kevlar – 2333$
  • Stage II: stage I + splitter din CF, eleron luneta, ornamente aripi si praguri – 3526$
  • Stage III: stage II + capota din kevlar cu aerisiri, praguri din CF, diffuser CF, eleron luneta CF, ornamente bara spate si praguri  – 4474$

Se lucreaza si la un upgrade de putere pana la 290cp, dar pana atunci gasiti lista completa cu modificarile Razor-ului pe site-ul oficial.


With more than 6 months of development and testing from the design of the Golf RZR launched in January 2010. The styling kit has finally come to its final production model and has been renamed to “Razor” for its aggressive and sharp edged design.

The Razor styling kit is available for the full line of and offer 3 stages of complete kit catering owners from just a simple touch for their everyday use car to those horsepower craver owners who needs to keep their 300+ horsepower front wheels with traction. The highlight feature of this styling has got to be the front bumper’s LED Daylight Driving Light and the adjustable front splitter. The LED light is designed to fit to the exact curvature of the front bumper and not disturbing the original lines. The front splitter has 2 adjustment for downforce setting and a good option for those who often have trouble with ramps. The 3 stages complete kit all offer the approx 4kg lightweight carbon Kevlar reinforced bonnet and the front and rear bumper as standard.

What’s more, featuring in the Stage III complete kit. The front and rear wheel tracks are now 25mm and 35mm wider than normal allowing owners to fit staggered wheels and much wider tires. The Golf Razor here is fitted with 235/40/19 with 8.5J and 255/35/19 with 9.5J. Thanks to the 8pcs add-on fender trims with side skirts. With this footwork setup Revozport is now working on a 290hp engine mapping, exhaust system and intercooler.

Pricing is now available from Revozport’s website here:

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