Geneva 2010: Mansory G-Couture, G-Class din carbon

Daca analizam un pic unde a ajuns treaba asta cu bodykit-urile din fibra de carbon tragem concluzia ca acum este o simplta “fita” pentru destul de multi oameni. La inceput tehnologia era atat de scumpa incat se gasea doar in motorsport. Ulterior s-a mai ieftinit asa ca a intrat si in tuning dar tot nu erau prea accesibile piesele din fibra de carbon asa ca cei care produceau astfel de componente se gandeau strict la performante iar cei care si le permiteau chiar profitau de ele. Acum insa, fibra de carbon am impresia ca este utilizata in foarte multe cazuri inutil. Nu este nici acum ieftina, dar a devenit mai accesibila si se foloseste din ce in ce mai mult cu gandul doar la design si nu la performante.

-ul de fata poate fi un exemplu. Se numeste pentru ca a fost desenat de un designer de moda, iar toata partea de sub geamuri este fabricata din fibra de carbon.Reducerea greutatii? Nespecificata! Oare pentru ca este nesemnificativa? Foarte probabil, pentru ca de obicei cei care pun fibra de carbon strict pentru performante nu stau sa aiba grija ca fibra sa fie aranjata frumos, uniform.

Ce-i drept, avem si modificari la motor destul de serioase, unde o mare parte din componente au fost imprumutate de la fratele roadster, McLaren SLR, avand in total vreo 700cp.

G-Couture va fi fabricat in 7 exemplare si pana la urma depinde de fiecare om ce decizie ia, dar ma gandesc ca decat sa dai foarte multi bani (pentru ca sunt sigur ca nu va ieftin) pentru un exterior din fibra de carbon doar pentru ca “se poarta”, mai bine i-ai investi in ceva cu adevarat util. Asta daca te intereseaza sa-ti fuga masina mai mult decat sa arate bine, desigur.

Mai multe detalii putin mai jos, in comunicatul oficial de la Mansory.

Kourosh Mansory puts a designer piece on wheels

Together with celebrity fashion designer , the automobile refiner MANSORY turns the into a luxury vehicle class of its own in a limited edition of only seven cars. Only very few people will be able to enjoy this automobile. The edition is strictly limited to only seven cars.

So far, Philipp Plein is renowned around the world for his fashion and furniture. Now, he tailors a new robe for the -Benz G 55 AMG together with the -class refiner MANSORY. In co-operation with the engineers in Brand close to Bayreuth / Bavaria, the famous designer has developed an exterior that embodies the typically self-confident character of all MANSORY automobiles.

The new tailored suit of the G-model impresses both visually and also technically. The entire exterior up to the lower window edge and the roof of the are made of carbon. But the ultra-light and high-strength material is not enough for MANSORY and its aspired exclusiveness. By using the autoclave-prepreg-method, the carbon is compressed so strongly in a special pressure chamber that no more air inclusions remain in the material. Normally, this processing method is only used in aviation and aerospace, as it is very cost-intensive. But MANSORY does not accept any compromise when it comes to quality.

The refiner also puts the same emphasis into the engine modification. MANSORY replaces the majority of the components with high-performance components from the Mercedes-Benz SLR. This extensive modification leads to impressive 700 hp (515 kW) with the MANSORY G-Couture instead of the serial 507 hp (373 kW) of the G 55 AMG. The maximum torque rises from 700 to 880 Newton metres.

In order to transmit this enormous power to the road, the luxury refiner equips the G-Couture with four high-performance tyres Scorpion in the dimension 305/35 R 23. They are carried by new, one-part SUV-rims in 23 inches which MANSORY presents at their world premiere.

And of course the interior is nothing short of the exclusive exterior. Thereby it is obvious that MANSORY has replaced the back bench with four single seats whose lateral support has grown with the performance of the car. A further application is the continuous central console which now reaches from the back to the cock-pit and offers the passengers at the back seat integrated monitors which are connected to the DVD entertainment system.

The MANSORY upholstery department only allows flawless leather for the interior. The perfectly processed skins do not only stand out for their endurance but also for their especially pleasant surface quality. The exquisite overall impression is enhanced by the airbag sports steering wheel and the aluminium pedals. The entire refinement of the passenger cabin is emphasised by applications made of real python skin in silver and crowned with G-Couture logos in the head rests.

As revolutionary as Philipp Plein influences the world of fashion, as successful Kourosh Mansory turns luxury automobiles into exclusive unique specimen. With their co-operation, the two artists created a unique SUV which combines luxury, extravagant design and top driving performance.

For more information about the exclusive programme for the G-Couture, please visit the web site

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